Why Flats in Trivandrum are Better Than Kochi

Flats in Trivandrum are better than the ones in Kochi by all means. This is because Trivandrum is the home of Sun Homes. Sun Homes is the best builder in the industry right now. They have completed many successful flats, villas and apartment projects and have taken up many other projects, the works of which is going on currently. Two of the features of Sun Homes builders is their reasonable price and prime spot. Sun Homes bring to you luxurious flats within a reasonable budget. Your dream flat will not drain your resources. All of the flats and apartment projects are constructed in the prime spots in the sprawling city of Trivandrum. These prime locations make their flats the most sought after. Its proximity to hospitals, malls, schools and shopping centres make their constructions priceless. The cost of living is high but surprisingly, they bring it to you within a nominal price range. They work by the motto – luxury flats in Trivandrum within a reasonable budget.

Some of the features that people look for while buying flats is the appealing location where it is built, additional charges, quality etc. Sun Homes checks all these boxes, unlike other building companies. One of the greatest features of the flat is the layout. They are the most luxuriously built flats. In a busy and populated place like Trivandrum, it is difficult to find spacious flats that are not congested. They have also managed to find locations that are enclosed from the hustle and bustle of the city and are located in tranquil locations with greenery surrounding it. Coming to the interior of the flats, there is amazing luxurious spacing between each door and room. Sun Homes also provides you with the opportunity to customise your home. For healthy living, this kind of space is very important. Storage is usually a big issue for flats. They are usually narrow and congested with no extra space. However, unlike other flats, Sun Homes provides you with a luxurious storing capacity. The modular kitchens have high-quality cabins and pantries that can help you with storage.

Another fascinating feature of their flats is the parking facility they provide. This is not a provision that all other builders provide. They have a two-story underground parking. Thus, you can park your vehicles without having to worry about renting a parking slot somewhere. All their flats have a well-appointed lobby. Thus, the comings and goings of flat inmates and storage of keys are properly taken care of. They have an eco-friendly policy that makes them at par with the American housing standards. They have a solid waste management system for the entire flat complex. They also provide the best security system, unlike the other flats that are lax on security. All entries will be authorised as they have an advanced biometric entry system. Some of their completed projects include Sun Elecasa, Sun Medanta, Sun Elite etc. Sun Homes is the top builder to go to if you want to build a home and not a house.

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