We have noticed a direct impact of Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy announced in October. Our phones haven’t stopped buzzing, ever since. Sun Elecasa, one of the best apartments near Lulu Mall Trivandrum, has been receiving numerous enquiries lately. The sudden surge must be a result of the new policy, which kept the repo rate and reverse repo rate unchanged.

That resulted in Indian banks bringing down home loan rates so low that Oruvathilkottah, a prime location near NH66, started to look pocket-friendly. Suddenly many decided that 2021 is a good year to own a luxury apartment.

We are sure that the decision by RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee to continue its accommodative stance was the nudge many were waiting for. Already having an edge with competitive pricing, Sun Elecasa’s sky-villa-inspired design has become more accessible to many more potential home owners now. Young people have been visiting sample apartments, thanks to the reduced home loan rates. Realty industry experts hope that this trend in home loans will continue for some more months. This is an explainer on what the RBI policy means for someone eager to be a homeowner.


It was for the eighth time that RBI decided to go ahead with a low repo rate. It was maintained at 4 per cent and the reverse repo rate is still 3.5 per cent. Repo, or Repurchase Option, as we know, is the rate of interest that the central bank of India charges on cash borrowed by banks after selling securities like gold or treasury bills to the RBI.

RBI keeps a tight rein on inflation and cash flow in the country by controlling the repo rate. The lower it is, the more a bank’s ability to offer cash for retail loans. This will lead to an increased supply of money in the economy. This is particularly good for economic growth rate.


Despite being competitively priced, many perceived Sun Elecasa to be beyond their means, because of the location. But this month, ever since the country’s banks announced festive discounts on their home loan rates, we’ve received a deluge of enquiries. Many realise that it is no longer so difficult for them to own a 3BHK, just a kilometre away from what is being called India’s biggest shopping mall. They gathered that luxury and location now comes at a discount.

So, here’s what led to this frightfully splendid situation for potential home owners. Leaning on the low repo rate, major nationalised banks have announced massive discounts on their home loan rates. During this period, every year, consumers make major buys and it is not unusual for banks to come out with festive offers. What is unusual is that this year the rates have hit a historic low.

The biggest lender in the country, SBI, announced a 6.7 per cent rate on credit-score-linked home loans in October, irrespective of the amount that’s being borrowed. This has never happened before.

Here’s a comparison of SBI home loan rates of previous years. In 2020, the festival offer rate was 6.9 per cent for loans below Rs 30 lakhs and 7 per cent for loan amounts above that. SBI would usually offer an interest rate of 7.15 per cent when a loan above Rs 75 lakhs is availed. Other top lenders like ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB), Kotak Mahindra, Bank of Baroda (BoB) and Yes Bank have also announced discounts, that has already pushed for greater sales in residential real estate. The rate was as low as 6.5 per cent, in some cases.


Festive offers on home loan rates from mortgage lenders have never been this favourable to the potential home buyer. Financial analysts feel that this trend is going to stay throughout this year.

Of course, it would be ideal to book a home before the offers end. But according to analysts, even if these magnificent offers end, it is likely that home loan rates won’t rise beyond a point. They say this based on RBI’s monetary policies in this year.

To begin with, the central bank decided to continue with its accommodative policy. Usually, when the repo rate is maintained at a low rate, banks also bring down home loan rates. The accessibility of home loans makes sure that more consumers can borrow retail loans. This will help stabilize inflation.

Now, if one carefully follows the words of RBI governor Shaktikanta Das while announcing the monetary policy, one can notice there is an emphasis on growth. He says the six-member Monetary Policy Committee decided to continue the low repo rate to sustain growth and mitigate the impact of Covid crisis. He maintained that India was on its way to achieve a GDP of 9.5 per cent in the current fiscal year of 2021-22. We have to remember that this is despite the wide and varied challenges including inflation lashing at Indian economy.

More home buyers would have a direct impact on the economy. So, there is a good chance that RBI will not steer away from its accommodative monetary policy this year.


Mortgage lenders have been witnessing a greater demand for home loans. Even those who hesitated earlier to buy flats in this prime location are now entertaining the possibility.

This drive-in big-ticket loans like home loans will not only help the real estate industry, but the overall economy. RBI, in a bulletin published a couple of weeks after announcing its low repo rate, said that the country’s economic recovery has been happening gradually. The bulletin stated that various indicators of growth showed a positive sign. Among the growth indicators was the rise in demand for high-value items like real estate. Who would have thought that simply owning an apartment near Lulu Mall would improve the financial health of the country?

Those of you interested in reading the policy and the bulletin can find it here:

If you want to prebook a visit to Sun Elecasa, contact us. Contact details can be accessed here:



As a natural paradise blessed with numerous lakes, forests, and hills, Trivandrum attracts those seeking a peaceful living environment. Aside from being known for its strong IT industry, picturesque tourist spots, and its culturally-rich heritage, Trivandrum has also been rated as one of the best cities to live in. In both the commercial and residential sectors, real estate development flourishes here.

The country’s largest shopping mall, Lulu Mall, will soon be inaugurated in Trivandrum. Kerala’s capital city is expected to benefit greatly from this enormous retail and entertainment outlet. Trivandrum’s Lulu Mall will further revolutionise lifestyles and influence real estate trends, making it a hotbed for real estate investments. This makes Trivandrum a haven for real estate investors.


There are few real estate developers that understand the way the human mind works when choosing a home. A home is built with hope, dreams, and aspirations of a family that wants to grow together. Sun Elecasa was designed for people with varied interests and backgrounds. From keeping up to the standards of quality-conscious NRIs to well-traveled and educated professionals and business entrepreneurs the homes at Sun Elecasa are built to stand out and create a feeling of calm in the minds of its residents.

Choosing an apartment in Trivandrum is a wise move for anyone looking to make a home here in Kerala. The options available are plenty as the state has seen a boom in the demand for gated communities and high-rise apartments. Being the capital of Kerala, the city is well connected and almost everything that one would require is just a very short distance away.


Sun Elecasa’s ready-to-occupy 3BHK homes has been designed like a sky villa keeping in mind an ambitious generation flocking to the city. Of late the current trend, even as an investment, is to acquire a 2 BHK Flat or a 3BHK apartment in Trivandrum close to the upcoming Lulu Mall. Dubbed as India’s biggest shopping complex, with famous national and international brands, LuLu mall is going to be the new hotspot of the city with crowds thronging from various parts of the state and neighbouring territories. Sun Elecasa is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Lulu Mall. The much-awaited news on the LuLu mall inauguration date has had home buyers and clever investors making a beeline to purchase apartments in and around the area.

Sun Elecasa boasts of a beautiful rooftop area where residents can host parties and functions in the comfort of their space. For its fitness-conscious residents, Sun Elecasa offers an in-house health club that will help them destress and stay healthy and avoid long, time-consuming, and expensive trips to the various gyms across the city.

With the Trivandrum international airport just 5 km away, this project is an ideal location for NRIs from Kerala and frequent travellers to purchase a luxury living space that is easily accessible. A walk into the Sun Elecasa will take you through a beautiful spacious well-appointed lobby. Visitors and residents are allowed in through a biometric entry system. Residents who always need to be on the move can even accommodate their drivers at the driver’s restroom. The access to various levels of the Elecasa is through state-of-the-art elevators.

Sun Elecasa, ready-to-occupy 3BHK apartment, is situated among lush greenery and spacious neighbourhoods in Trivandrum, and it is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Sun Elecasa by Sun Homes combines a prime, convenient location near Lulu Mall with the comforts of an outstanding apartment. You will experience unparalleled ease of living within close proximity to major landmarks and connectivity lines, along with a standard of living that is unmatched. Sun Elecasa, ready-to-occupy 3BHK apartments, is the right choice if you are looking for an apartment in Trivandrum. This apartment building has all the amenities for modern living and is ready for immediate occupancy. It is the best option for contemporary living.



Don’t have enough savings to purchase your dream home? Worried about interest rates and bank’s transparency? Home loans provided by financial institutions and banks need to be thoroughly understood before choosing an apartment in Trivandrum.

Occupying a dream home is an accomplishment for every middle-class family in India. Owning a home is considered to be a sign of an individual’s success in society. Home purchasing decisions should not be based on the need, but also on the individual’s financial readiness.

For the first time buyers, buying a home is always a messy business. Their mind is filled with too many concerns and questions. Is this the right time to buy a house? Is it the right location? Should we continue with a rent-based house? What is the interest rate applicable? In the present scenario with many financial institutions providing aid like home loans, buying an apartment or any living space is comparatively less tedious than earlier times. Banks now provide competitive interest rates across the country. Many people who are planning to buy their dream home house have to face various questions pertaining to housing loan interest rates, trusted bank or finance companies, the principal amount they get qualified for, processing fees applicable, the tenure of the loan repayment, etc. There are an umpteen number of private finance organizations that offer customized aid for customers in meeting their housing requirements within an affordable budget.

Home loans help customers with insufficient funds to purchase their dream homes and return the amount with an affordable interest through long tenures. This adds to the buyer’s convenience and reduces the stress of amassing the total cost of the property at the time of purchase.

Home Loan

Banks provide loans up to 80% of the agreement value of the house. Every bank or finance institution has its own set of criteria which have to be met by the buyer. The buyer needs to have 15-20% of the amount in hand while applying for a loan. Therefore, before applying for a loan, make sure you have enough savings to match at least 20% of the down payment and also have little extra savings to cover a few months of your home loans in Trivandrum. The maximum loan amount a buyer can get depends on factors like income source and credit score. A salaried person with a good credit score can easily avail loans from any bank or financial institution.

Home loans are considered as the most popular product offered by the NBFC banks.

It is even considered as the largest selling banking product by the banks and also the longest relationship maintained with the lender. Buying a home for your needs is once in a lifetime decision. So, one must make the best option regarding housing or home loans.

Types of Home Loans:

There are different types of home loans provided by financial institutions. They are:

1. Home Purchase Loans
2. Home Conversion Loan
3. Home Loan for Construction
4. Home Renovation/ Extension Loan
5. Plot Loans
6. Balance Transfer Home Loan
7. Bridged Loans
8. Stamp Duty Loans
9. NRI Home Loan

Now, how do you choose the right home loan for your dream home? Sun Homes, pioneering builders in Trivandrum list some of the key points to look for while applying for home loans.

1. Cost involved

After you choose the dream home to purchase, one has to calculate the total cost including additional overhead charges. Overhead charges can be anything from dealer charge, registration, legal fees, stamp duty, etc. To get the exact amount for which a home loan would be required, one should always consider a buffer amount in case the expenses exceed the expectations when closing the deal.

2. Compare

There are many options to get home loans through various banks or financial institutions. One needs to browse through all available options and compare the same.
Consider parameters like home loan eligibility, interest rates, expected EMIs, pre-closure fees, repayment options, tenure, and more to compare the financial institutions in question, before deciding on the best home loan. One can now check online to know the best home loans in Trivandrum, credit score and best banks offering loans on affordable interest rates, etc.

3. Grab it right

Evaluate the home loans available and their interest rates. There are two forms of interest, floating and fixed. One has to choose from both according to the saving and loan amount. Choose a practically attainable loan repayment tenure and EMI.

4. Print document

You need to take time to read through the loan agreement thoroughly and understand its various aspects. Some of the important points in an agreement that applicants must evaluate are,

1. Processing Charges
2. Maximum loan quantum
3. Pre-payment charges
4. Pre-closure fees
5. Penal interest rates
6. Terms and conditions
7. Repercussions of missing monthly installments
8. Late payment charges.
9. Loan default penalty

The buyer needs to submit salary statements of the last three months along with bank statements, Identity proof, PAN card, proof of address, IT returns, etc. during applying. Always have a count of the overhead amount until the home loan is totally paid off.

Good luck finding your dream home. Also, do visit Sun Home apartment projects to witness your future home, built with quality and dedication.



Trivandrum has grown to become one of the most favoured places to settle down for the future. Affordable living expenses, moderate climate, and growing job opportunities have made the city livelier. This article explains why Trivandrum can never disappoint you and why choosing apartments in Trivandrum can be an investment as well as worth every penny.

The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, is changing rapidly with development happening in all sectors. The district offers a great living opportunity for success seeking aspirants. Trivandrum contributes to over 80 percent of Kerala’s software market and has established itself as a prime IT hub. Apart from IT sector, Trivandrum houses some of the best academic institutions and cultural centres of Kerala. With the increasing number of IT students and professionals looking for houses to buy in Trivandrum, the demand for residences has grown equally for all regions of the city. With the opening of Technopark, the continuously growing job market at Trivandrum has accelerated the growth of real estate and residential property builders in the city.

Every day hundreds and thousands of people visit Trivandrum seeking better opportunities or to experience diversity and as a tourist. There are a handful of major attractions across the city and its suburbs like palaces, beaches, temples, hill stations, etc. Padmanabha Swamy temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala. Then there comes the Kovalam beach, Shanghumukham Beach, and the Veli Beach which are the three famous beaches of Trivandrum. The number pf people opting to settle down in Trivandrum is on the rise. Favorable climate, growth opportunities and great hospitality being the prime reasons. The city is known for safety and since the city holds state administrative offices, police patrolling happens all day and night making every resident feel safe and secure.

Trivandrum is a well-planned city. The city started its development much before any town in pre-independent Kerala and therefore it encompasses a rich tradition and heritage. Government buildings, all-important public offices, Universities, Museums, and Parks in Trivandrum makes the city ever happening and running. Roads are extremely well-planned. Trivandrum was not very urbanized decades before, though it made a very slow pickup, now it’s becoming a much more happening place with malls, convention centers, shopping and lifestyle arcades on the rise.

Real estate business is booming and prominent developers are building affordable 2/3BHK apartments in Trivandrum to super luxury villas in Trivandrum. Sun Homes has been building landmark residential buildings for the past a decade across the city. Based on your budget and the facilities that are needed, a real estate company in Trivandrum will arrange the right property for you.

Trivandrum has a spectrum of people from different economic groups. Understanding the financial conditions of buyers, builders like Sun Homes are building affordable apartments in Trivandrum as well as super luxury apartments in Trivandrum. Apartments with varying options of Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen is available all across the city.

Compared to Kochi, which is the nearest growing city to Trivandrum, living expenses are low. Since the district shares its boundary with Tamil Nadu, from where raw materials and vegetables are imported, the daily food requirements are cheaper than any other city in Kerala. We can conclude that there are an umpteen number of reasons to find a home or an apartment in Trivandrum which is also a worthy investment for the future.

At present, there are a number of ongoing projects in Trivandrum and among those Sun Homes is delivering some of the most notable projects. Sun Medanta and Sun Cornerstone are ongoing 2&3 BHK premium apartment projects from Sun Homes. Each project is loaded with a number of amenities, features and specifications to ensure that the residents of each project get the best of everything.

Sun Homes with its various upcoming projects and completed projects in Trivandrum, is one of the leading builders in Trivandrum. The organization has a sterling track record of 10 years in providing quality living spaces around Trivandrum. With an array of completed projects and ongoing projects, Sun Homes is standing tall among developers and real estate companies in Trivandrum.

Advantages of Investing in 3 BHK Apartments in Trivandrum


Location is a vital parameter in choosing the right apartment in Trivandrum. This article sheds light on how location can affect all other parameters and how to choose the best apartment in the right location.

There is a lot of investment in time and money involved in finding an apartment for you. An apartment needs to meet your basic, specific needs. Apartment living has many advantages. Purchasing an apartment in an expanding city like Trivandrum is an excellent investment. Many things go into choosing the ideal apartment. One of the most important is the apartment’s location. That usually factors in finding an apartment near a school or your workplace, but your new apartment’s location has a greater impact on your life than dictating the length of your commute. Picking a great location offers many benefits including ease of access to transport networks, convenient shopping areas and the opportunity to be part of a larger community.


There is a cost associated with every commute made by each member of the family. The destinations vary and therefore the distance as well as transportation. Do you need to pay a toll every day to work, school or town? Is the cost to use public transportation greater than it was from your previous location? This makes clear how the budget of each apartment in a different location can bring changes. Lifestyle needs of places vary and thus the budget allocated to daily living changes, either it may be more than your previous apartment or lesser. Therefore, location plays an important role in your monthly budget if you don’t wisely choose an apartment in Trivandrum.


The lifestyle of people depends upon the location they are residing in. Apartment location affects your proximity to stores, parks, theaters, malls, etc. An evening walk to the nearby cafe or to take a rest in a park to join communities can be considered while choosing an apartment location. Upper floor apartments in Trivandrum are quieter and can offer a more enjoyable experience. Thus your apartment location gives an idea about your identity to your visitors.


Making sure that your apartment location is safe at any time of day and night is essential. Urban spaces around Trivandrum are safe and secure. Police patrols almost everywhere around the city making it easier for late-night commuters to reach home or office. Crimes are mostly area specific. Apartments in Trivandrum have enhanced security features and provide guards 24×7.


Transportation is one important element to consider while searching for a new apartment and thus the location. Transportation networks vary by community and state. Anyone who travels a lot for business overseas or to other states should look for an apartment that is located near to an airport or railway station. Make sure you know where the transportation networks are in the region before you pick an apartment. Trivandrum has the best-maintained roads and an effective public transport system.


Buying groceries and other essentials are a daily activity for most. Look for apartments that are near the kind of shopping centers you prefer. A good location for most people is one that has at least one grocery store within a ten to twenty-minute walk or drive. People preferring to live in urban spaces check for cinema theaters, malls and other shops nearby.


Trivandrum has a moderate climate throughout the year. The region is favorable for comfortable living conditions. Apartments in Trivandrum offer great living conditions and are constructed in a way that allows free flow of air. Most of them have chosen sustainable and environmentally-friendly designs for clients who prefer to live without disturbing nature. A good apartment should be as close as possible to the kind of climate the resident most prefers.

Sun Homes understands customer priorities and has been keen on delivering apartments that cater to every need. Carefully analyze each project that you are thinking about living in on an individual basis, and keep these factors in mind as you do so.



A home is never complete without furniture. It gives details to your place. It reflects the kind of person you are. More importantly, they have utility. Let’s not overlook that pivotal factor. Furniture is a significant part of the house. Alright, you bought a house for yourself. Your first house! It is exciting! You bought it with the money you earned through hard work. You put in a lot of effort and a fair share of sacrifices to have enough money. You decided to invest in that place. You have to give it your all in terms of managing the place and the whole appearance. Or at least, cover the basics. That is why we are here to help you pick the necessary pieces of furniture for your home that would amp up your place! (exciting x 2!)

Let’s do this area-wise.

The living room is the first place you enter into when it comes to a house, usually. Let’s start with a sofa. Make it super comfortable. Choose wisely because this would end up as your bed, the time you become too tired to move any further, let alone find your way to the bedroom. The other reason is that you could make one of your friends who came over for a sleepover hit the sack at your favourite spot, the couch. Get a convertible one – the sofa that can be turned into a bed which might be on the more expensive side but it would be totally worth it. Maybe, choose one that provides space to hold your drinks and food. You could really use that on your couch-potato episodes. Now there is a chance you won’t ever get out of the couch but you have to “put in work and don’t give up” as Bebe Rexha says. Keep Hustling! I got carried away with the comfort factor. The primary concern has to be the space available at your place and choose a sofa accordingly. Choose the colour that goes well with your place (Paint colour, living room style and all that.) What you have to look for after this is a cute but classy coffee table that compliments the sofa and the room along with a TV stand which is spacious enough to keep relevant items. You could add a couple of stand-alone shelves to funk up the place. Not your ordinary boring plain brown shelves but something that looks stylish and with that, we are done with the living room.

Dining Room comes next and the dining table is the star here. You have to pick this carefully as well considering the space you have, the number of members in your family, if you prefer glass or wooden or copper for that matter and matching chairs to coordinate the whole look. That would do for now.

Bedroom. The bed is the priority. You would want it to be springy so that you could bounce on your bed and have a gala time after a tedious day or just sleep in the cosiest manner because you need your 7 hours of sleep and more if possible. Wake up fresh and start the day with a decent amount of enthusiasm even if you are not a morning person. Again, the kind of bed you should buy depends on the length and breadth of your room and then comes the design and the other aspects. Now the bed is going to take up most of your space. Get a wardrobe and the mirror area, the table, and the chair (only if you want!).

Pay attention to the colours, the designs, the material used to make the furniture and every other detail. Choose your furniture wisely. Don’t go overboard with the furniture shopping. Get the things you need for starters in accordance with your place because you do not want to splurge on something that would eventually cause inconvenience.

I hope this was helpful enough!

If you are on the lookout for a new house, “Sun Homes” is the real deal. Luxurious yet affordable, they can be classified as one of the top builders in Trivandrum. The best Luxury apartments in Trivandrum has to be by this best builder in Trivandrum. Go inquire about it.




Trivandrum is a hub of real estate companies that offer many services for home seekers. Buying a property in Trivandrum isn’t tough if you understand a few essential parameters. This article briefly explains the parameters and why choosing Trivandrum as your future city is a good decision.

Buying real estate property is not a difficult task now but of course, it has led to a lot of confusion and concerns. There are many real estate properties all across Trivandrum. There are popular residential and commercial developers who are engaged with projects across the city to meet the housing requirements of Trivandrum’s middle and high-income groups. Among the many developers, Sun Homes has been delivering exceptional homes to clients for more than a decade. If you want to buy an apartment in Trivandrum then you need to check the property listings, do research so that you can buy the flat or apartment of your choice. You can use online property apps like Magic brick, OLX or 99acres for selecting homes.

Trivandrum is a rapidly growing city in South India. The Technopark is home to a number of MNCs. Many people reside in the city. Because of the growing population, the real estate developers are working hard to provide apartments, resorts, and independent villas. The real estate market has various types of commercial and residential properties. There is a great demand for affordable residential properties in and around Trivandrum. Investing in quality real estate properties has just got simpler for the affluent. However, if you come under the middle-income group, you need to understand the real estate market and know how to invest smartly,so that you can get a good deal for the money.

There are a few parameters to consider while you choose your home, the address and the identity that comes along. Before you buy an apartment you need to carefully evaluate all the below mentioned parameters and then buy or invest in the best real estate projects.

1. Price

Always fix the budget first and then list your requirements. This will make it easier to shortlist only those houses that fit in your budget. This will minimize your area of research and will reduce a lot of work. Compare the apartments you have found within your budget with the features and amenities you are looking for

2. Location

Location is a key parameter in choosing the right apartment. Landscapes change drastically so you need to find a place that has potential in the future. The infrastructure of the place, the society and the accessibility to all the nearby places is very important and you have to make sure that you are not living too far from work and live in a central location.

3. Construction

The construction of the entire project should be unique and different. It should have all the precautions for every unforeseen disaster. It should have proper mitigation methods and quick emergency response to any fire that may break out in the future. The architecture of the entire compound should be pleasant and sustainable. It should be built on prime residential land so that there is no conflict in the future.

4. Possession of the apartment

If you are booking a home that is under construction, make sure there is an agreement with the builder regarding the delivery date. As a buyer, you should be very clear from the starting as to when you will be able to get possession of the apartment. There should be a valid explanation if the sellers are extending your possession.

The above-mentioned parameters are the most important features that every buyer should keep in mind while buying a new apartment. Your apartment is going to be your home and it should be able to provide you with comfort and all the features. So do not make a hasty decision. Take your time, evaluate all the things and compare all the other apartments that you have shortlisted and then choose the best project with all the best features. This is one important investment of your life that you must have been saving up for quite some time. You want the best but for that, proper research is required in today’s world. You cannot be too quick with your decisions. Find your dream home today and read latest real estate trends at Malayalam News.

Sun Homes in Trivandrum has been delivering impeccable homes and apartments to those seeking a residence in Trivandrum. With over a decade of service, choosing Sun Homes as your permanent address would never be a bad choice.


An Apartment near LuLu Mall and KIMS is Worth Buying

A property in itself is an asset, but buying a property near an upcoming metropolitan city increases its value tenfold. A home is not just a dwelling place but an investment for the future. This is exactly why your realtor would emphasise on location. When you look at the real estate values in a topographical map, land prices tend to be higher in the centre of the town and they keep decreasing as you go away to the periphery. A property’s value varies depending upon the facilities available. The basic necessities include ATMs, schools, grocery shops, other small shops, proximity to hospitals, schools and place of work, airport etc.

A property near a mall is a dream come true. Sun Homes, one of the top villa builders, caters to these needs. Sun Homes is one of the top builders in Trivandrum. They aim at creating quality building constructions and they deliver their projects on time. They have apartments nearing completion near the upcoming LuLu Mall, KIMS and Mall of Travancore in Trivandrum.

Sun Homes take up environment-friendly apartment projects and that is why it has a vast client network. With Sun Elecasa, they aim at making premium apartment complex that is also environment-friendly. There are 3BHK apartments/flats just like Sky Villas. The home owners in Sun Elecasa will enjoy living like in a villa. All our Sky Villas have excellent light and ventilation as almost all homes are open to the environment on three sides. In addition to the excellent ventilation, what makes them the most sought-after is that they are being constructed near the upcoming LuLu Mall. These apartments near LuLu Mall Trivandrum a recreational hall that has multipurpose facilities, two passenger lifts and two bed lifts. For parking, they have come up with a very efficient parking system. They have provided areas with covered parking. The building is earthquake resistant structure. The apartment is also strategically placed near Infosys and Technopark making it easy for people working there and it is also near the airport and railway station making travelling easier.

Sun Neelakanta is an apartment project of Sun Homes that is nearing completion. It comprises of 3BHK and 2BHK apartments. The apartments are made affordable for people from different walks of life. The apartments near KIMS are located in the centre of the city, near schools, banks and other necessary facilities.

Another premium project of Sun Homes is Sun Elite. These are ‘ready to move in’ 3BHK apartments/flats. It is located in such a way making it proximate to all the prime locations like Law College, Baton Hill Engineering College, Mascot Hotel, Secretariat and AKG Centre. In addition to all these dream homes, Sun Homes is providing more luxury options with the upcoming Sun Medanta coming near KIMS and Medical College. They aim to bring luxury to your doorsteps at reasonable prices.



Why Flats Are Better Than Houses?

A house of your own is everybody’s dream. A lot of savings, hard work and commitment go into a house. Therefore, your housing decisions have to be strategic and wise. Considering the rising population and lack of space, flats are becoming a more viable option and the flat vs house difference becomes apparent. Sun Homes are the best builders for flats in Trivandrum. Bringing luxury into a limited space seemed like an impossible thing. However, Sun Homes have successfully achieved in doing this. They bring to us a wide array of luxury flats that fit the needs of everybody. The flats come within a reasonable price range. They have been specially made to fit your family’s lifestyle. Their luxury flats are built in prime allocations in and around the city making their buildings much sought after. Some of their successful projects are Sun Elite, Sun Elecasa and Sun Medanta.

Flats are far better than apartments in many ways. Apartment options are not always flexible. It is always difficult to get an apartment in a prime location with all the amenities and, that too, within a reasonable price range. Sun Homes makes sure that your flat is located in the most desirable location in the city. These flats come with all the amenities required for a comfortable living. They also come within an affordable price range. Another difficulty with regard to buying an apartment is that they come at a fixed price. The scope of negotiation is less. However, with flats, you can negotiate the price and decide what you can afford. Additionally, there are certain amenities that only come with flats. Flats have luxurious facilities like built-in gym, pool, recreational space, kids’ area etc. Sun Homes also provides the luxurious option of customising your flat according to your needs without affecting the price drastically. On the other hand, personalised apartments can be very expensive.

Apartment parking space is a huge problem nowadays. Flats usually come with an underground parking system, which makes parking hassle-free and convenient. Flats provide more security than an apartment. If your apartment is located in an isolated area, living there might not be safe. However, flats always have a security system to make sure that no intruder gets in. For this purpose, Sun Homes have a biometric system and a good security system. You will feel the most secure when you live in a flat, especially in a Sun Homes flat. Flats of Sun Homes also have a CCTV facility that will ensure constant supervision, enhancing the security situation. Apartments also have a lot of unused space. This does not happen with flats. With flats, you will only be paying for the space you use. Flats can also fit any kind of family irrespective of it being big or small. The interior, décor and other facilities inside the house have to be done separately by the occupiers while flats come in ‘ready to occupy’ mode. All these factors make Sun Homes flats a better place to live. A flat gives you more independence than an apartment.

How to Choose the Best Builder in Trivandrum

How to Choose the Best Builder in Trivandrum

A home is a dream for many. Not everyone gets to make their dreams come true. An apartment builder is your companion in making your dream a reality. As the construction of buildings has rapidly increased, there is a long list of builders and developers to choose from. Not all of them can bring in luxury and affordability together. This is one major reason why Sun Homes has been ranked as one of the best builders in Trivandrum. Building is their passion and your dream becomes their dream until they make it a reality. They are the company that has pioneered the idea of bringing luxury and affordability together. People who want a modest yet luxuriously spaced house can now be tension-free and make their home dreams come true. They reflect amazing craftsmanship in all their buildings. They have an amazing team comprising of well-experienced and skilled engineers and workers, thus, making them one of the best apartment builders. They brainstorm and come up with amazing ideas for their apartment complexes. Each of their projects has some kind of specialty which makes them stand out. With each venture, they get better. They have been in this market for quite some time and they aim at making luxury available to the common man.

The usual building situation is that your budget gets skyrocketed and your building is often left unfinished. This can definitely be avoided if you hire Sun Homes. They are very professional and work within your budget and deliver your home within the given time. They draw you through the entire process of building your house and they help you fix the budget. They also help you decide what kind of house you want and how you want the interior to be. This prevents you from taking hasty decisions. They are very adaptable and can work with any kind of apartment construction. They can produce buildings of exceptionally good quality at amazing speed. They have a well-balanced system of low price, high quality and great organisation. This prevents you from getting ripped off by independent contractors to take up such functions and charge unreasonably large amounts. Thus, you can be stress-free by letting them take the responsibility for the entire project. They also do not over employ workers on the site, thus, reducing the money you spent. They make sure that the right amount of workers is doing the right amount of work so that they can deliver the house on time. Since it is your dream home, it can be difficult to decide how it should be and how the interior should be etc. Sun Homes helps you to choose and make a list of what you want and what you do not want to be included. Thus, they bring you customized buildings according to your dreams. They also build a trustful relationship with their customers through the entire construction process. Their responsibilities do not end with construction. They also provide the subsequent maintenance work associated with it. They have taken up many projects among which many have been successfully finished and occupied. They also have ongoing projects. They built ready to move in houses as well. They have a unique policy for NRI customers as well. They help them find trustworthy tenants and they make the contract. They also make sure that the rent is paid regularly.

Their buildings meet American standards which have ranked them in the list of top 10 builders. They use high-quality tiles like vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles. They have specialized construction for each room of the house. They also build apartments that are resistant to natural calamities. They have also considered the huge parking problem and have devoted two underground floors just for parking. Their debut apartment project was Sun Sapphire situated in Kesavadasapuram. This was an ambitious project of flats in Trivandrum. The Sapphire complex comprises of 14 houses with 3 luxury bedroom apartments. It is a seven-storied building and was completed in 2008. With this project, they have set an international standard and with every successive project, they have become better. This was a landmark project and since then, they expanded their work and grew substantially. They took up commercial complexes and independent villa projects. Some of the most successful projects of Sun Homes are Sun Neelakanta, Sun Elecasa, Sun Elite and Sun Medanta.

Top Builder in Trivandrum

Discover the epitome of luxurious living with Sun Homes, one of the most trusted builder in Trivandrum. With over 15 years of unwavering commitment and visionary expertise, we have embarked on a transformative journey that sets us apart in the real estate landscape. At Sun Homes, we redefine living spaces, offering exquisite 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Trivandrum. Our designs are a testament to our dedication to combining aesthetics with functionality and creating homes that surpass expectations. As one of the best builder in Trivandrum, we take pride in our solidified reputation for excellence.

Explore our major apartment projects, located strategically in prime areas such as Ulloor, Near Lulu Mall, and Pettah. These sought-after locations ensure that our properties are not just residences but lucrative investments in lifestyle and convenience. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort at our apartments in Trivandrum.

Invest in your dream home with us, where luxury meets innovation, and every detail is crafted with precision. Sun Homes – redefining living, redefining Trivandrum.

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Sun Projects India (P) Ltd, a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 with its registered office at Trivandrum, Kerala. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

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