3 BHK Apartments near Lulu mall Trivandrum

Trivandrum, a staple in tourism brochures, can conceal its cosmopolitan character, rather effortlessly, from a first-time visitor. In every way, the city holds the charm of popular tourist attractions that will mesmerize you. Having come to this place for its beach hamlets or rainforest hiking trails, the average sightseer wants time to slow down. What do they know about the real tempo of the city.

However, unlike a tourist, an intuitive investor, closely watching Trivandrum’s evolution as a city, sees more than just its idyllic beauty. High-net-worth individuals are increasingly including this seemingly laid-back tourist destination in their residence-by-investment plans. We witnessed this first hand, when our flats were rapidly sold out at the luxurious Sun Elecasa, one of the finest apartments near Lulu Mall Trivandrum.

The change they noticed wouldn’t have been limited to the acreage of asphalt strips and concrete jungles. There has been a definite shift in demography. This is a new city for the savvy young. They are changing the city’s consumer behaviour and its horizon. A tiny sample of this change was the opening of two major shopping malls in 2018.

These newcomers to the city have been often wrongly dubbed as the impatient generation. But in reality, they are the true global citizens. The people in this group are passionate about larger ideas, whether it’s accessible work environments, sustainable living, or body positivity.

Sun Elecasa, inspired by sky villas, have been designed keeping in mind the ambitious young flocking to the city. An in-house health club at Elecasa helps the go-getters save time, they would have otherwise spent waddling through traffic, to gyms across the city. Some bonus space has been fashioned into a game room to help them let their hair down. More than just a home, Elecasa offers a lifestyle that suits their pace.

They are close to everything they need for an easy urban life. Top-notch healthcare facilities and international schools are located not far from the apartment gates. Lulu mall, India’s biggest shopping mall, is just 1 km away.

We tried listing some important institutions and facilities near Sun Elecasa, confident that this list is not exhaustive:
International airport (4 km); Kochuveli railway station (1.8 km); Technopark (7 km); renowned hospitals like KIMS Hospital (1 km) distance and Government Medical College Hospital (4.8 km); Lords Hospital (2 km); Ananthapuri Hospital (4.6 km); shopping centres like Mall of Travancore (4.6 km) and Trivandrum Central Mall (5 km); research institutions like Centre for Earth Science Studies (3.5 km), Centre for Development Studies (4 km); Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (4 km). But we are well aware that these young jet-setters don’t always want to keep hurtling forward at breakneck speed. Fortunately for them, the apartment’s location at Oruvathilkotta offers quick escapes from their life in the fast lane. For instance, they can just look out of their windows to practice mindfulness. After all, the apartment is set against a serene green backdrop.

On days when they can lavish time on themselves, they can wear sundresses and hats, to play a tourist. Veli tourist village, just 4.5 km away, offers them many alternatives to forget their hustle. This is where you get to ride India’s first solar-powered miniature train, or boats.

Insider tip: early risers can occasionally join birders in the city to explore Akkulam’s dense green marshes. The keen-eyed might even spot a rare migratory bird. Insider tip 2: There’s plenty of other fun options for those who don’t want to rise on weekends. For example, sunsets at Shanghumugham beach are just 7 km away.

An Elecasa home doesn’t reduce the urban living experience to alphabet soups like 2BHK or 3BHK. It is just not imagined like a modern cave, a mere shelter to hide in after work. We know these homes will be occupied by people with varied interests.

The guiding principle of our interior decor is to help everyone find their space here. If someone decides to drag a gramophone to the kitchen, it should fit right in. Crayon art by toddlers should find pride of place in the living room, if a loving parent wishes some Boho-chic, old wood charm, minimalism–any style should be welcome. Why Elecasa homes use a neutral colour palette. In these light-coloured interiors, bright colours pop, softer colours find harmony.

Now, most of the Elecasa homeowners live in other countries, but want their homes to be taken care of. Our Home-Care Division offers an exclusive service for them. If a non-resident owner wants to rent out their apartment, our staff will help. The property management team can take care of advertising your property, and arrange a visit by prospective tenants.

Homeowners can ask for tips from our interior design experts on tastefully furnishing apartments. They can make an informed choice before settling on their style of designer kitchens, cupboards, cabinets, carpets and every other aspect of interior design.

These are the many ways in which we assert that city living isn’t just picking a 2BHK or 3BHK flat for sale in Trivandrum. Sun Homes is renowned for its many successful projects in Trivandrum, and it promises to continue its services even after construction is complete. We’re not just selling another fancy beige box, we’re offering a lifestyle.

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