Why Flats Are Better Than Houses?

A house of your own is everybody’s dream. A lot of savings, hard work and commitment go into a house. Therefore, your housing decisions have to be strategic and wise. Considering the rising population and lack of space, flats are becoming a more viable option and the flat vs house difference becomes apparent. Sun Homes are the best builders for flats in Trivandrum. Bringing luxury into a limited space seemed like an impossible thing. However, Sun Homes have successfully achieved in doing this. They bring to us a wide array of luxury flats that fit the needs of everybody. The flats come within a reasonable price range. They have been specially made to fit your family’s lifestyle. Their luxury flats are built in prime allocations in and around the city making their buildings much sought after. Some of their successful projects are Sun Elite, Sun Elecasa and Sun Medanta.

Flats are far better than apartments in many ways. Apartment options are not always flexible. It is always difficult to get an apartment in a prime location with all the amenities and, that too, within a reasonable price range. Sun Homes makes sure that your flat is located in the most desirable location in the city. These flats come with all the amenities required for a comfortable living. They also come within an affordable price range. Another difficulty with regard to buying an apartment is that they come at a fixed price. The scope of negotiation is less. However, with flats, you can negotiate the price and decide what you can afford. Additionally, there are certain amenities that only come with flats. Flats have luxurious facilities like built-in gym, pool, recreational space, kids’ area etc. Sun Homes also provides the luxurious option of customising your flat according to your needs without affecting the price drastically. On the other hand, personalised apartments can be very expensive.

Apartment parking space is a huge problem nowadays. Flats usually come with an underground parking system, which makes parking hassle-free and convenient. Flats provide more security than an apartment. If your apartment is located in an isolated area, living there might not be safe. However, flats always have a security system to make sure that no intruder gets in. For this purpose, Sun Homes have a biometric system and a good security system. You will feel the most secure when you live in a flat, especially in a Sun Homes flat. Flats of Sun Homes also have a CCTV facility that will ensure constant supervision, enhancing the security situation. Apartments also have a lot of unused space. This does not happen with flats. With flats, you will only be paying for the space you use. Flats can also fit any kind of family irrespective of it being big or small. The interior, décor and other facilities inside the house have to be done separately by the occupiers while flats come in ‘ready to occupy’ mode. All these factors make Sun Homes flats a better place to live. A flat gives you more independence than an apartment.

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