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Trivandrum, nestled upon Kerala’s emerald coast, is waltzing gracefully into a new era. The palm fronds, green hills, and tranquil shores have always been Trivandrum’s beauty spots, but sleek high rises, wide, well-paved roads, and the hum of vehicles have added the modern strokes to the verdant canvas of the city. The hitherto plain walls have street art on them.

There’s an IT boom that brings youthful energy right beside the buzzing rhythm of traditional festivals. And even as the temple bells ring, you can hear the din from Lulu Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in India. Yes, Trivandrum’s changing face is a story of resilience and adaptation. It’s a city that beckons you to experience the timeless beauty of Kerala while embracing the exhilarating pulse of a future gracefully taking shape.

Among this kaleidoscope of tradition and modernity stands Sun Homes, one of the best builders in Trivandrum, with an unmatched reputation in the real estate industry. In the past, Sun Homes has delivered villas and apartments in Trivandrum of world-class quality, luxury, and convenience. 

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Sun Homes currently has three ongoing residential projects that are metamorphosing the architectural tapestry of Trivandrum. Each edifice, a harmonious blend of sleek design and eco-conscious ethos, stands as a testament to Sun Homes’ visionary approach. These developments not only redefine luxury living but also weave together the essence of community and sustainable urbanization. As Trivandrum evolves, Sun Homes emerges as a beacon, illuminating a path where innovation meets elegance, and where the future gracefully intertwines with the city’s rich heritage. Let’s look at the three upcoming residential projects in Trivandrum by Sun Homes. 

Sun Elecasa

A premium apartment project, Sun Elecasa offers a harmonious blend of modern design and serene surroundings, making it an ideal sanctuary for residents. Located near Lulu Mall Trivandrum and KIMS Hospital, at Akkulam Road, Sun Elecasa boasts state-of-the-art amenities, meticulous attention to detail, and a strategic location. With this apartment project, Sun Homes promises not just a home, but a lifestyle. 

Built like a sky villa, Sun Elecasa are 3 BHK apartments in Trivandrum, located just 500 meters from Lulu Mall, and four kilometers from Trivandrum International Airport. It has a range of modern living facilities such as biometric entry, intercom, round-the-clock security, indoor gym, kids’ play area, reticulated gas supply, solid waste management, and so on. 

With Sun Homes’ trusted legacy in construction and design, Sun Elecasa emerges as a beacon of sophisticated living in Trivandrum’s real estate landscape.

Learn more about Sun Elecasa.

Sun Cornerstone 

Sun Cornerstone, a 2 & 3 BHK apartment in Trivandrum is an emblem of luxury and contemporary living, crafted meticulously by Sun Homes. This esteemed apartment project reflects architectural brilliance and thoughtful amenities, offering residents an unparalleled living experience. 

Sun Cornerstone has 38 aesthetically designed 2 and 3 BHK apartments at Pettah, a bustling suburb with a mix of traditional and modern attractions. These apartments range from 1300 sq. ft to 1567 sq. ft in size. The project has a range of convenient and luxury amenities, including a well-appointed lobby, biometric entry, round-the-clock security, gym, kids’ play area, party space, intercom facilities, reticulated gas supply, solid waste management, sewage treatment plant, etc. 

All specifications are high-end, providing residents with a luxurious, one-of-a-kind living experience. With the added benefits of dedicated homecare and an interiors division, Sun Cornerstone also takes care of the responsibilities of creating beautiful and homely spaces and maintaining them regularly. 

Learn more about Sun Cornerstone.

Sun Spring Hill Villas

A home straight out of a canvas, with the sun on the horizon, a mesmerizing view of hills, and villas on multiple levels for a unique and private living experience – welcome to Sun Spring Hill Villas at Vattappara, Trivandrum. 

Away from the congestion of the city, but amply connected to essential amenities, Vattappara is an ideal location for a quiet residential experience, especially if you are looking for a picturesque environment and a tranquil atmosphere. Located en route to Ponmudi, this area is known for its scenic beauty and yet is just 30 minutes away from the IT hub of Trivandrum, Technopark. 

Over the years, Vattappara has seen residential development, with many choosing it due to its proximity to Trivandrum city while still maintaining a more serene and suburban environment. Sun Homes combines the quietude of the location with its real estate mastery at Spring Hill Villas, bringing together exquisite homes where residents can enjoy total peace of mind. 

Click here to learn more about Sun Spring Hill Villas. 

Sun Homes has consistently showcased excellence in crafting residential spaces that resonate with modern aspirations and comfort. The trio of residential projects in Trivandrum stands as a testament to their commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction. For those considering a lucrative investment in real estate or seeking a home that embodies luxury and convenience, these projects by Sun Homes, the best builders in Trivandrum, emerge as the foremost choices. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these exceptional offerings firsthand. Reach out to us today to book a personalized tour or gather more detailed information. Your dream home in Trivandrum awaits!

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Explore our major apartment projects, located strategically in prime areas such as Ulloor, Near Lulu Mall, and Pettah. These sought-after locations ensure that our properties are not just residences but lucrative investments in lifestyle and convenience. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort at our apartments in Trivandrum.

Invest in your dream home with us, where luxury meets innovation, and every detail is crafted with precision. Sun Homes – redefining living, redefining Trivandrum.

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