Trivandrum has grown to become one of the most favoured places to settle down for the future. Affordable living expenses, moderate climate, and growing job opportunities have made the city livelier. This article explains why Trivandrum can never disappoint you and why choosing apartments in Trivandrum can be an investment as well as worth every penny.

The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, is changing rapidly with development happening in all sectors. The district offers a great living opportunity for success seeking aspirants. Trivandrum contributes to over 80 percent of Kerala’s software market and has established itself as a prime IT hub. Apart from IT sector, Trivandrum houses some of the best academic institutions and cultural centres of Kerala. With the increasing number of IT students and professionals looking for houses to buy in Trivandrum, the demand for residences has grown equally for all regions of the city. With the opening of Technopark, the continuously growing job market at Trivandrum has accelerated the growth of real estate and residential property builders in the city.

Every day hundreds and thousands of people visit Trivandrum seeking better opportunities or to experience diversity and as a tourist. There are a handful of major attractions across the city and its suburbs like palaces, beaches, temples, hill stations, etc. Padmanabha Swamy temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala. Then there comes the Kovalam beach, Shanghumukham Beach, and the Veli Beach which are the three famous beaches of Trivandrum. The number pf people opting to settle down in Trivandrum is on the rise. Favorable climate, growth opportunities and great hospitality being the prime reasons. The city is known for safety and since the city holds state administrative offices, police patrolling happens all day and night making every resident feel safe and secure.

Trivandrum is a well-planned city. The city started its development much before any town in pre-independent Kerala and therefore it encompasses a rich tradition and heritage. Government buildings, all-important public offices, Universities, Museums, and Parks in Trivandrum makes the city ever happening and running. Roads are extremely well-planned. Trivandrum was not very urbanized decades before, though it made a very slow pickup, now it’s becoming a much more happening place with malls, convention centers, shopping and lifestyle arcades on the rise.

Real estate business is booming and prominent developers are building affordable 2/3BHK apartments in Trivandrum to super luxury villas in Trivandrum. Sun Homes has been building landmark residential buildings for the past a decade across the city. Based on your budget and the facilities that are needed, a real estate company in Trivandrum will arrange the right property for you.

Trivandrum has a spectrum of people from different economic groups. Understanding the financial conditions of buyers, builders like Sun Homes are building affordable apartments in Trivandrum as well as super luxury apartments in Trivandrum. Apartments with varying options of Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen is available all across the city.

Compared to Kochi, which is the nearest growing city to Trivandrum, living expenses are low. Since the district shares its boundary with Tamil Nadu, from where raw materials and vegetables are imported, the daily food requirements are cheaper than any other city in Kerala. We can conclude that there are an umpteen number of reasons to find a home or an apartment in Trivandrum which is also a worthy investment for the future.

At present, there are a number of ongoing projects in Trivandrum and among those Sun Homes is delivering some of the most notable projects. Sun Medanta and Sun Cornerstone are ongoing 2&3 BHK premium apartment projects from Sun Homes. Each project is loaded with a number of amenities, features and specifications to ensure that the residents of each project get the best of everything.

Sun Homes with its various upcoming projects and completed projects in Trivandrum, is one of the leading builders in Trivandrum. The organization has a sterling track record of 10 years in providing quality living spaces around Trivandrum. With an array of completed projects and ongoing projects, Sun Homes is standing tall among developers and real estate companies in Trivandrum.

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