Thiruvananthapuram is a beautiful place with a rich cultural history – Padmanabhaswamy temple, Napier Museum, Kanakakunnu Palace, VJT Hall, etc. to name a few. The place is urbanized. You can see situations where young people from all over the country shift to this city in the name of work at several companies which are well-reputed. These people prefer to stay in an apartment. Thiruvananthapuram has possibly seen the largest number of government offices. This gives more reasons for people to settle in the capital city of Kerala. It supports a decent level of standard of living. People from all the classes have a room here. The city instils a feeling of belongingness regardless of any socially constructed divisions. It is probably the only place where the religious institutions co-exist. So, the term that applies here is ‘peaceful’.

Let’s analyse the benefits of having an apartment in this grand city.

Location Goals

If you want to experience the hassles of the fast life, you can search for an apartment in Kowdiar-Sasthamangalam-Kesavadasapuram area. It gives you access to some luxuries in life. You will never go behind in the Socializing aspect. If you need a change and less interaction with people, you can go for side Ulloor-Akkulam. If you want to be near the criminals, you can find one in Poojappura (Poojappura Central Jail). What sounds convenient is the fact that the top builders in Trivandrum – Sun homes have apartments in all the places and more. Apartments are available in all the pivotal places in this city. It is also available in Karyavattom which is in the vicinity of the largest IT hub in India – Technopark. The apartments fulfil location goals.

Security Game Strong

Security is never an issue when it comes to the apartments. A security who is good at his job would be appointed and if he/she teams up with a surveillance camera, that is a dream collaboration. Then the biometric system installed in the apartments level up the security and thereby, preventing unnecessary interactions with random people. Also, though you are alone in your apartment, there are people in the other apartments. You don’t have to stress about leaving your loved ones alone in the absence of any supervision. Security is assured more than when you stay at a house.


Investing in an apartment is the most reasonable action, you can think. Now, owning a place at the prime locations is Trivandrum is as affordable as it gets. Be it 2BHK or 3BHK! It can either be an asset which you can rent out for a decent income or you can stay there. In case of attempting to do business in the real estate sector, this is a good option though it takes time to make it profitable. It is nothing more than a win-win situation. You get to enjoy your swimming pool facilities, a roof-top party area, a health club for which you do not need to give any additional payments, etc. It is the best option to have an apartment in your name. It is easier. Constructing a house is no easy task. It takes years and the cost involved is huge. Bottom line, it takes a lot of effort. Why go for a house when you can have the apartment of your dreams in a building constructed by one of the best builders in Trivandrum. Now you can own one of the luxury apartments in Trivandrum which is affordable. Go for it!

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