Living in a house can get lonely especially if you are a single child or a homemaker and you do not have any neighbours. (Loneliness can affect you anytime and anywhere but let me explain the reason why families should prefer apartments.) Families make you feel safe and protected but they won’t be around all the time. Father goes for the job, kids go to the school and mom is either an employee or at the house. I am not stereotyping the roles but this is the basic structure. There are occasions when one of the members is home alone. There are things you could do to occupy yourself and we are all about acquiring privacy but it is good to have somebody who understands where you come from and that level of relatability and connection make you feel better.

Neighbours, as in people living in a separate compound, might not help you achieve this. This is not something predictable but you are most likely to find someone like your family in an apartment. You will live in the same building. The sense of being in the same community is heightened. There will be kids for your kids to mingle with. The fathers and the mothers join together to build a residents’ club. This means parties, enjoyment and fun at the same time. This protective atmosphere is layered. You do not have to worry about not being at home for your kid because of any important matters you need to deal with because there are a lot of families in the building whom you could go to for taking care of your kid. Also, generally, staying in an apartment is safe. It reduces the number of people who would disturb you to buy products which you have zero interest in or the people who try to exploit you by coming out in a sick disguise.

Living in an apartment makes kids more sociable. They always have these events for every celebration and this is where the kids can showcase their talent and creativity. It is a source of encouragement. You can learn a lot through this association. They work as a team and they each get certain responsibilities to fulfil. It brings out the enthusiasm.

Another reason to go for apartments is the range of affordable prices they come in. Especially, the ones built by one of the top builders in Trivandrum, Sun Homes. Bringing up a family is a lot of effort and it requires money and savings. So, you want the price to be affordable and the maintenance should be low. You want the value for the money. Apartments are the right option. It is compact with a lot of perks – a health club for starters. You do not have to pay a lump sum to the gym. You could have a common swimming pool. An elevator for the lazy bones out there. All these features and more attributed to Sun Homes, making them the best builders in Trivandrum.

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