Top 7 Reasons to Buy an Apartment/Flat in Trivandrum
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Life is all about choices. But when it comes to buying a home or investing in real estate for good returns, the choice becomes harder. Advice from an industry expert can come in handy in making an informed decision. You must choose a city that offers you the best of both worlds – modern amenities as well as a serene and clean environment. That brings us to Trivandrum, the vibrant capital of Kerala.

The city offers a compelling proposition for property buyers, and you’re hearing this from one of the best builders in Trivandrum! Remember, it’s not just about owning a home; it’s about securing your future in a city that’s thriving in more ways than one. Now, let’s look at the top reasons why should buy an Apartment/Flat in Trivandrum:

1. It’s a smart investment

When it comes to investing in real estate, Trivandrum stands out as a lucrative option. The statistics of the real estate market in Trivandrum paint a promising picture. Property values in the city have shown consistent growth over the years, and several factors ensure the market’s stability. Trivandrum is strategically located, housing the largest IT hub in India, Technopark, which attracts a constant influx of professionals. Additionally, the Trivandrum International Airport connects the city with the world, and the upcoming Vizhinjam International Sea Port is set to boost the city’s economic prospects further.

If you take a look at the number of residential projects initiated by top builders in Trivandrum in recent years, you’ll observe the robust demand for flats in the city. Even if you are an NRI, investing in an apartment here is a wise choice. The proximity to the international airport ensures that you don’t have to worry about long and tiring journeys upon returning. Your cozy home in Trivandrum will always be ready to welcome you back.

2. Get income from tenants

For those who are not frequent visitors to their home state, renting out your apartment in Trivandrum can be a clever financial move. Finding tenants for your apartment will be relatively easy, given the city’s burgeoning IT sector, which is home to professionals looking for convenient accommodation near Technopark and other major destinations. To maximize your rewards, it’s crucial to own an apartment in the prime areas of the city. For instance, the three major apartment projects by Sun Homes are located in ideal localities in Trivandrum:

– Sun Elecasa in Aakkulam, Trivandrum (close to Lulu Mall, Trivandrum)

– Sun Medanta in Ulloor, Trivandrum

– Sun Cornerstone in Pettah, Trivandrum

3. Experience a thriving economy and good job opportunities

Trivandrum not only makes for a wise investment but also offers a thriving job market, creating economic growth and abundant employment opportunities. The city’s reputation as an IT hub and the presence of a strong government sector make it an attractive destination for professionals. This influx of job seekers plays a pivotal role in driving Trivandrum’s real estate market. Additionally, Trivandrum’s educational institutions and reputed universities make it a hub for skilled talent, further enriching the workforce.

4. Enjoy excellent infrastructure and connectivity

Trivandrum’s solid infrastructure ensures it remains well-connected, offering residents a high quality of life. The city has a comprehensive road network that makes daily commuting easy. The Trivandrum International Airport provides excellent air connections, reducing travel inconveniences. Additionally, the upcoming Trivandrum Metro project aims to improve public transportation and reduce traffic congestion.

5. Discover an educational hub with reputed institutions

For families, Trivandrum’s status as an educational hub is a significant draw. The city is home to a wide range of educational institutions, from esteemed schools and colleges to renowned universities. Reputed schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya, Good Shepherd, Holy Trinity E.M.H.S.S, etc., and Kerala University are located near Sun Homes’ projects. These institutions offer top-tier education, making Trivandrum an ideal place for your children’s academic journey. 

6. Experience the best quality of life

Trivandrum, one of India’s safest cities with a low crime rate, ensures residents enjoy a sense of security that significantly contributes to their overall well-being. Supported by a well-equipped police force, including the Metropolitan Police and Kerala State Police, the city places a premium on maintaining peace and safeguarding individuals and their property. In addition, Trivandrum boasts top-notch healthcare facilities, making it a prime location for those who prioritize their health. With excellent hospitals and a strong doctor-to-patient ratio, residents can access world-class healthcare services with ease.

7. Indulge in cultural heritage and local attractions

Trivandrum’s deep-rooted cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and lively festivals make the city truly captivating. It’s a wonderful place to experience local traditions and explore nearby tourist attractions and serene beaches. The rich culture and history of Trivandrum make it a unique and inviting place to call home, and you’ll also have many family-friendly weekend trip destinations to choose from.

With its excellent infrastructure, quality education options, and safe environment, Trivandrum welcomes families and professionals seeking a brighter, better life. It’s not just a place to live in; it’s the start of an amazing adventure. 

If you’ve already decided to make Trivandrum your home, don’t settle for less. Choose Sun Homes, one of the best builders in Trivandrum

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