Hello there! Are you an adult and still living with your parents? (Not in a ‘make you feel bad’ way). Are you an adult who is already settled with a place of your own? Are you an adult who just secured a job? Are you an adult who is considering to move out? Are you an adult who does not know how to adult? Basically, are you an adult? Well, if you are, you should start saving up for an apartment. You do not have to move into it or anything unless you want to but it is a start to building up your assets or work your way up to get an extra source of income. This would help you in the long run. .

It is just the initial saving difficulty. Attaining a frugal state of mind is not a piece of cake especially if you are a shopaholic or just in general but you can do it. For a while, stick with the 50/30/20 rule. Divide your salary into your needs, wants and savings in those percentages, respectively. It makes it easier with the savings. If you get over that phase, then you can go back to spending like how you usually do but do try to save money whenever you can. You will never know when an emergency surface. It is always good to be prepared. You can save on the rent if you are able to own an apartment if you moved out of your parents’ house. You can rent out your apartment and save the rent money every month which would add up to quite a lump sum or you can spend it or a part of it. Anyway, more income will be generated. .

Just a simple apartment like the ones provided by one of the top builders in Trivandrum, Sun Homes, will do. They sell luxury apartments in Trivandrum at an affordable price. .

We suggest an apartment because apartments are ideal. They are ready-made. They make you a part of a community instantly. You might get blessed with a swimming pool in your building. There is a free health club so that implies no extra payments for the gym membership which you are not planning to utilize it to the maximum. I am not being pessimistic but that is what I see mostly. Gym membership and no going but if you are into the fitness way of life, you can save yourself a couple of Rupees and money is hard to make. You get a security man to guard your building. You will have access to a pretty party hall, probably on the rooftop. Apartments offer you so many amenities. It is an instant thing. You pay the price and you get the concerned documents and you are ready to shift at any time you want. All you have to do is furnish the place. Also, pay attention to the decor. It is not a lot of work. .

So, consider saving up for an apartment you can shift to or rent out. It is the best source of investment. Peace.

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